One Living Clinic trusts and recommends the following resources:

Nourishing Meals helps customers create custom meal plans based on individual dietary needs. New recipes — including ones that take advantage of what you already have in your pantry — help keep customers on track with health goals.

Fullscript makes it easy for customers to have supplements shipped right to their door. Fullscript accounts sync with One Living Clinic, so you can see all of Dr. Beattie’s health care recommendations from within the app.

doTERRA’s pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. The oils harness nature’s most powerful elements and share those gifts through doTERRA’s global community of Wellness Advocates.

One Living is proud to partner with Roccoco Botanicals in offering high quality products with groundbreaking ingredients.

Roccoco Botanicals are oncology friendly and thoughtfully formulated to provide superior results and cater to your individual needs.

Call our office to see how these products compliment our aesthetic services, or stop by and have a peek!

Roccoco is proud to be cruelty free and ethically sourced. Click here to browse Roccoco Botanicals!

Purity Coffee is the only organic coffee company in the world that is entirely focused on maximizing health benefits throughout every step of the production process.

Not all coffees are created equal! Even organic coffee grown without pesticides falls short when it comes to standards that make truly healthy coffee. Purity Coffee is organic, sustainable, and specialty grade.

They also rigorously test their rare coffees to confirm they are free of mycotoxins, adhere to cGMPs to avoid mold or contamination, roast to minimize unhealthy byproducts (like acrylamide), and nitrogen-flush our packaging to maximize antioxidants. Simply put – Purity Coffee is organic coffee done right.

Purity Coffee is available to purchase in our office as well as online. Click here to order Purity Coffee today and be sure to use coupon code ONELIVING to receive 20% off your first order!

Coupon code applies to new customers only