Dr. Summer Beattie

Dr. Summer Beattie is a naturopathic physician born and raised in rural Alaska, which will always hold a piece of her heart. In 2004, she received her graduate degree as doctor of naturopathic medicine from Seattle’s Bastyr University. She spent nearly eight years in family practice and served two terms on the board of directors for the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians before accepting a position at a specialty surgery center in Alaska.

Upon returning to Washington in 2015, Dr. Beattie pursued training with physicians and organizations setting the standard of care in regenerative medicine, with an emphasis on injection therapy. Other key tools of her practice include IV, ozone, photodynamic therapies and hormone optimization. Dr. Beattie also has special interest in addressing brain health and supporting patients with chronic and complex illness. She has had the privilege of working with and mentoring under well-known leaders in the treatment of vector-borne, mold and toxic exposure illnesses and supporting patients with autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.

Collaborating with clinics to provide broader access of care to more patients looking for uniquely integrative and advanced treatments is part of the mission of One Living.

Distance care has become such an important means of access for patients to get the support they’ve needed the past couple years. Dr. Beattie is excited to be able to offer this service through telemedicine and phone appointments.

Through her experience, Dr. Beattie has cultivated a deep passion for giving patients foundational resources and support for overall health, not simply offering procedures and prescriptions or generic treatment plans. Dr. Beattie builds protocols with attention to bioregulatory medicine tenets and includes the use of energetic therapies (such as sound, frequency and light) along with integrative technological and diagnostic advancements.

When not in clinic, Dr. Beattie leads a team of instructors, training providers in many of the modalities she uses in practice. Equipping and building a collaboration of providers in order to make this medicine available to more patients is some of the most rewarding work Dr. Beattie does.

Her free time is spent adventuring with her two young children, husband and dog. Outdoor activities, music and art are a constant part of the family’s busy life.